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Join Game Sauce Reward Systems free membership program and start earning with our sweepstakes games today. Leasing Sweepstakes Games For Rewards Programs to Owner/Operators of Game Rooms, Cyber Rooms, Cyber Cafes, Internet Cafes, Sweepstakes Centers, Bars, Truck Stops, Cafes, Restaurants, Pubs, Bowling Alleys, Arcades, Speak Easy's, Pool Hall's, Barbershops, Convenient Stores, Vape Shops, Business Centers, Night Cellars, Private Clubs, Membership Clubs, Vet Clubs, Casinos, Bingo Halls, Night Clubs, Sweepstakes Cafe, and many more foot trafficked locations as well as Online Game Rooms, Online Casinos, Online Sweepstakes, Online Rewards, ect. If you own a business establishment and offer a rewards program or need a rewards system setup to offer sweepstakes, games and cash prizes we have authentic game software, plus quality hardware that we offer at no cost to you, based upon a profit leasing system, we can offer you top percentages, with a built in rewards system that will raise your overall percentage earnings the more you make each week! Our systems are designed to support all federal and local legalities, however we will not be held reliable for misuse of our systems. We have the ability to adjust our system setups per state requirements and can offer sweepstakes, skill games, no chance games, nudge games and full disclosure games for your businesses rewards program. Depending on your setup and location we can offer mobile sweepstakes, play from home sweepstakes, online sweepstakes games, as well as offer local brick and mortar sweepstakes hosting game systems, such as 8 liner standup kiosks cabinets, standup kiosk games, sweepstakes local servers, server games, cloud servers, cloud games, mobile games, fish redemption tables, fish redemption game systems, one stop shop game cabinets that advertise the product and allow you to physically insert cash, download the mobile game system app to local devices and play from home then also redeem from the kiosk! these are an excellent option for self servicing game systems with no cashiers needed. Just a location that can offer sweepstakes games to their businesses rewards program. We also have many custom sweepstakes setups available we are here to help serve local businesses and create profitable growth with no overhead costs or major out of pocket expenses. To learn more click through our many game options or call our sales hotline, we are ready to answer any questions you may have, with a support team that cares about people. Some of our sweepstakes game systems include but are definitely not limited to: Orion Stars, Fire Kirin, X-Game, Blue Dragon, Ultra Monster, Dragon King, Vpower, Golden Dragon, Fusion, Fusion 2, Fusion 3, Vegas The Club, Reels Guru, Electron, Aurora, Riversweeps, GG168, Southern Star, Classic Evolution, Royal Eagle, Lion Strike, Storm, Matrix, Fire Storm, Big Top, Winners, Dragon Strike, Dragon Ascent, Dragon Tiger, Eagle Strike, Gorilla Strike, Kraken Strike, Lion Strike Plus, Ocean Storm, Phoenix Realm, Tiger Strike Kingdom, Tiger Strike 2, Tiger Strike 3, Tiger Strike Plus, Raging Fire, Raging Ape, Unicorn King, Turtles Revenge, Thunder Dragon, Poseidons Realm, Monkey Kingdom, Monster Awaken, Mermaid Legends, Legend Of The Phoenix, Kong Fu Panda, Fire Kirin Revenge, Crab Avengers, Buffalo Thunder, Black Beards Fury, Black Pearl, Fusion 4, Classic, Platinum 1, Platinum 2, Platinum 3, Stryker, Stryker V2, Superior Skill, Vegas Games, Lightning Skill, SLS Patriots, Stampede, Street Fire, Triangle, Onyx, The Pig and more. These sweepstakes games systems are all plug and play systems ready to go, equipped with back office, cashier links, operator links, player settings, 24/7 support, training, consultation, legal self-help, no upfront purchased points, we add points directly into your account as needed, so you never run low or don't lose profits. In partnership with all top sweepstakes game developers/suppliers that are fully licensed, authenticated, and approved by officially certified gaming labs and amusement associations across the US. We are backed by letters of recommendation for states requiring approvals for sweepstakes or rewards store programs and continue to support all upcoming laws as our legal teams are constantly on the lookout for changes that maybe taking effect . One of the only companies in the industry that truly does it legit and looks out for your business.





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